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Step into the world of Strange Things Afoot, a world where almost everything on the internet is true! Set in the modern day, Strange Things Afoot draws influence from the world of creepy pasta and urban legends.  Players in the campaign take the role of middle to high school age students who must struggle against supernatural beings known as tulpas.


Late in the 21st century humanity managed to overcome its addiction to fossil fuels. The resulting adaptation of renewable energy led to vast improvements in the world’s economy and eventually world peace. In the year 2075 a wealthy television executive came up with a solution: modify the vehicles so they could change into piloted robots and pit them against each other for the enjoyment of the masses.


Ritual in the Woods contains a two part scenario that you can use as a one shot encounter or as part of an ongoing campaign.

In part 1 the party comes under attack by a group of undead while settling in at their campsite.

Part 2 continues the adventure several months later. The party comes into conflict with a necromancer conducting a ritual in the woods.


The naysayers were right...oil wells the world over have gone dry and civilization has collapsed into chaos. But from the ruins of war a new world is born. Magic is now humanity's ally as he seeks to rebuild the world that technology destroyed. Afterpeak is a Systemless Setting designed for use with any role playing game.  Do you dare enter the World of Afterpeak?


This will take you to Al's bandcamp site where you can hear some of the music he has made over the years.

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Written during the beginnings of the Pandemic, author Chad O. Knight sat down and looked at the 4 most basic human emotions and tried to discover more about himself through the medium of Poetry. Come on a journey through human emotion and dark fantasy in this book of poetry.

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Slogging Towards SeptemberAl Seeger
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