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Point of Insanity Game Studio


Point of Insanity Game Studio has its roots in the breakup of Lasaion Games back in 2004. Al's return to the world of RPG design took the form of a game called MADS, which was intended to convert characters from any set of rules into a common system. The main purpose of this system was for fans of Demon's Lair (the only product line released by Lasalion Games) to continue to use their characters. Al would go on to write several systemless game world settings, system neutral products, and original game systems.


Al Seeger

Al grew up in the glorious 1980s. As a child he remembers watching his older cousin and family friends playing Dungeons and Dragons, and even though he didn't always understand what was going on he found it fascinating. Over the years he has played all versions of D&D with the exception of the White Box, Star Frontiers (the original TSR version, NOT the current version), TSR's Marvel Superheroes (FASERIP), Vampire, Serentiy, Dream Park, and a few other systems. In what little free time he has he enjoys taking walks, hanging out with friends and family, playing video games, and dabbling in music.

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Chad O. Knight

Caught in the Backrooms is Chad's first foray into writing role-playing games. He published his first book Pain, Loss, Hope, Love: A Poetic Journey Through Dark Fantasy in 2020 with Point of Insanity Game Studio. Chad is a life-long role playing fan and participant. He has written several campaigns in his 28 years behind the Game Master screen. He loves many game systems but his favorites are Dungeons and Dragons and Call of Cthulhu (which he loves to run, play and talk about at length). He is grateful to POI and Al Seeger for bringing him along on this journey.

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