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You can choose from 3 different versions of the book. Full Color Hardcover, Black and White Softcover, or a PDF version. The choice is yours!

This is a full color copy of the Caught in the Backrooms hard cover version. The extra protection of hard cover and the style of a full color book. Make your journey into the backrooms one of style.

The black and white softcover is a thing of beauty. Easy to read and fun to use. The softcover version of the book for those who prefer a bit more bendability while exploring the horrors of the Backrooms!

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The PDF version gets you into the game quicker than anything else. Purchase this and a physical copy as well, to make the complete gaming set!

Backroom Vibes is a 12 track instrumental sound experience for your gaming table or for your own enjoyment.  If you are going to be stuck in an endless maze of yellow rooms you might as well have some tunes to block out the hum-buzz of the florescent lights. The Backrooms Vibe is a collection of twelve songs inspired by the Backrooms. Take a voyage through this mysterious realm with songs in a variety of genres from ambient textures to blues to new age to heavy metal. Pick up you sound file today!

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